Topless Supermodel


What would you do if someone suddenly arrived at home for an indefinite visit, wanted food (specially made) every two or three hours, was often critical about that food, spurned some of the best clothes you could give them, kept you up all night complaining, and simply would not compromise about sleeping quarters and made rude noises, often, from both ends, and made an immense amount of housework, and slept like an angel after soiling all your clothes and theirs, and sat around naked when they felt like it?


It would depend on the age of the individual, and from where this person appeared.

If it’s a supermodel, you take your revenge by taking the first-ever topless photograph of her!

fully fed up 160509

She is Fully Fed Up, you can see that from both her face and her tum!

This photograph was only now released for public viewing by hosts of aforementioned individual. Note, after every whim has been catered (and indeed, pandered) to….there is still a disgusted and scornful look on supermodel’s face. She is at this point into the Gandhi/Victoria look (with loincloth, and not amused.)

mohanvee wins the Best Comment award for his “She’s a supermodel..with perfect 24-36-24 measurements.”

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