Birds from the Bannerghatta Forest Area, 210309

Every time I visit the Bannerghatta Forest area (as distinct from the Bannerghatta Zoo/Butterfly Park area), I see so many birds; last time the raptor sighting that had me in raptors raptures was the Marsh Harrier; this time it was this beautiful SHORT-TOED SNAKE EAGLE soaring overhead:

The huge quarried area that we had to pass looks like an ulcer on the face of the earth; but the hollows become full of rainwater, and here are two PIED WAGTAILS, looking very co-ordinated with the quarried rock:

This LITTLE EGRET seemed to be meeting its reflection as it landed:

To show you how birds generally appear in the distance, here are two shots of birds in the distance:


I found this INDIAN ROBIN female giving a classic profile pose on top of a bund wall:

A WHITE-BROWED BULBUL sat and swayed on the bush as it feasted on the berries…

Several COMMON IORAS came and sat on the trees of the mango orchard….

Several WHITE-BROWED FANTAIL FLYCATCHERS, an ASIAN PARADISE FLYCATCHER, and some TICKELL’S BLUE FLYCATCHER played hide and seek with us in the mango orchard, but I could not get a photograph!

Other stuff in the next post….

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2 Responses to “Birds from the Bannerghatta Forest Area, 210309”

  1. Arun Says:

    a lovely place:) and fantastic shots !

  2. deponti Says:

    Thank you, Arun!

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