Butterflies of Valparai

Most of the butterflies we saw are completely unknown to me, so I am just going to post the pics here and ask one of my better-informed friends for the id’s and update…

Let’s start with this beauty…

Update: Thanks to Rohini for some id’s…. this is the CLIPPER:


remember that butterflies have dry-season and wet-season appearance, and open-wing and closed-wing appearance, and God knows what other variations…

Probably LARGE FOUR LINE BLUE (what sort of name is that?)

this could be one of the others again, I have no way of knowing..

This orange lovely flitted among the lantana flowers:

Even a dead butterfly was a splash of peacocky colour:

the only one I knew the id of was this BLUE TIGER:

This blue-and-grey one left me stumped, too:

nor do I know what this blue-bodied one is (Rohini tells me it is the SAILOR or SAILER, I don’t know which the right spelling is):

However, this DAMSELFLY I knew, and it looked beautiful amongst the strands of cobwebs, too!

At the very end of the trip, I found this huge WASPS’ NEST:

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