The Birth of a Sun or a Son, as the Case May Be

Went off to the flag off of the TFN cyclng event , and then to Lalbagh…

The light was just magical, and the sun through the foliage reminded me that today there was also a Son born into the world! The light also reminded me of the Star of Bethelehem….

The rest of the post is


We saw a Kestrel, a Spotted Owlet, and here’s another view of the spectacular Asian Paradise Flycatcher….

I did regret not having the 20D, but made do with the MLC, the S3. and indeed, it was better, because I took a video of the bird whisking itself about in the tree:

Merry Christmas, every one! I may not be, strictly, a “Christian”, but I love to think of a divine Child being born, who will save mankind…surely, our children are our immortality and our hope. With a granddaughter on her way into our lives, I feel more intensely the joy that a new birth brings….


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