Weekend Flowers

Wow, this weekend is already upon me, and I have not yet finished posting some images from the last one….

here are some of the flowers from last Saturday and Sunday:

Here’s the scene of the MARIGOLD fields, with the eucalyptus plantations in the background and the sheet rock of the Bannerghatta forest area behind it all:

See the beauty of the marigold fields…

The WATER HYACINTH is a weed that chokes up water bodies, but is no less beautiful for that:

This un id purplish plant and flower looked lovely:

At Nisarga Layout, these BADMINTON BALL trees were in full bloom:

These sarees drying at Ragihalli pond made a colourful picture:

Some un id FRUITS looked beautiful too:

Here’s a flower embroidered by someone, before, alas, the blouse was thrown away:

A closeup of a yellow wildflower:

OK, OK, this is not a flower, but this un id BUG on Adu’s hand was very cute!

The flowers in the grasses themselves are so exquisite:

Off to Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary in a while, for a Clean and Green cleanup, with Wipro this time….!

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