Today it was butterflies….

It was quite amazing this afternoon. As I opened my front door to go in, I noticed four butterflies over my front door…and three of them flew into the open doorway,flew a fair distance in disciplined formation, and settled on my dining room window, which faces on to a ventilation shaft of the building…

They didn’t flutter about very much, and looked rather settled at the window-pane; but I didn’t want them to be caught indoors, and opened the window to let them out….

But..they seemed in no hurry to go, and I had to brush them gently off the window pane in order to get them back outdoors where they belonged!

Can someone tell me what butterflies these are, and why this happened? I saw yet another of these butterflies on the staircase as I went down this evening….their wings are a little ragged, does that mean anything?

They seem to have five rings on their wings, so, I feel, given the logic of butterfly nomenclature, they might *not* be called Common Five-Rings…I thought they might be Evening Browns, but am not sure of that, too….


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