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Red Ribbon Express

August 26, 2008

BBMP and their opaque spending habits…..

August 26, 2008

How do we make BBMP accountable for the money they spend so recklessly?

Two Women

August 26, 2008

I was travelling by bus and I was idly contemplating the way women dress….here are two images.

That was the decoration on the over-everything-else black garment that a Muslim woman was wearing, isn’t it beautiful?

And this is another woman’s foot:

I loved the toe-ring, the anklet, the bright salwar, and the design on the sandal…

At a wedding recently, I was looking around at all the sarees and the jewellery that the women wore, and was enjoying myself immensely. But I am not a jewellery/saree person myself…the last time I bought/designed any jewellery was when my daughter got married, and have never felt the urge to buy a saree or a piece of jewellery since then. But I enjoy looking!

I think often of Asha Bhonsle’s words during an interview. When asked her opinion about remixes, she said, “Buddhi kO jitnA bhee zevar pehnAO, buddhi to buddi hee hai!” (No matter how much jewellery you put on an old woman, a hag is a hag!”

When women are young..their youth is a beauty in itself, and probably they don’t need jewellery at all; when they are old, no amount of jewellery will help in bringing back the radiance of youth! ….so why does jewellery sell so extremely well?!


August 25, 2008

One of the people who stands very high on my “EXPHO” (Excellent Photographers) list is yathin. I am sure he will be horrified at this compliment. But of the many people I know, he takes such excellent images, and his love of the subject just sings from every frame.

Here are some photographs he has just posted:

I can’t compare the photographs. I just look, and enjoy each one. No matter if I have the bestest camera in the whole world…I could never, ever, produce images like these.

A couple of them brought involuntary tears to my eyes. They were not tears of joy or sorrow…it’s an interesting concept I have learnt in my life, that there can be tears of beauty. I have shed tears of beauty when I finally saw the Pieta by Michaelangelo. I shed them when I was in the small public terrace in Trump Tower in Manhattan, looked up at the sun right overhead, and saw two perfect concentric rainbows, which I have never seen before or after. I have shed them when I seen the Himalayas, no matter how many times.

Thank you for those images, Yathin.

A little down again…and commentlessness…

August 25, 2008

It’s a kind of roller-coaster ride, this thing called bereavement. I never usually think that things like birthdays (after the first ten are over) are big deals, but I felt really low today, because today my brother would have turned 51. I remembered the lovely party my sis in law organized for him last year…KM and I went…did we even imagine that that would be his last birthday? Definitely not.

One nice anecdote out of the past: My parents had bought us both expensive badminton rackets, and during a quarrel, my brother broke mine. Weeping, I went to my mother to complain. My brother followed almost immediately, with a happy smile on his face. “Sorry, I know I shouldn’t have broken your racket!” he said; “I felt very bad, so I have broken mine also, I hope you will be OK now!” My mother was most certainly not OK!

And the commentlessness…I keep my blog post public and even enable anonymous posting because I am interested in dialogue….today, my stat counter informs me that I had 111 unique visitors..did not even ONE of them feel like making a single comment? Expressing their point of view, plus or minus?

Oh well. Friends came by, and cheered me up again….and let me post, from my trip to Nandi Hills, this image, that I call “Stairway to Heaven” (isn’t that a beautiful song by Eric Clapton?)

With all the crowds and cars and trash, Nandi Hills is still an incredibly beautiful place….

Monsoon Green…

August 23, 2008

I did a whole lot of very interesting stuff today, including photographing our Chief Minister overseeing the funeral procession of someone who died in the blasts and this was NOT a sad thing…how, you ask? Wait for a few days, and all will be revealed in Citizen Matters …..

But I was waiting in the morning to begin the photowalk with Mahesh Shantaram and the group, and I shot these really lovely leaves-in-the-hedge….

Have a great Sunday, everyone. Am off to Nandi Hills early tomorrow morning for a plastic cleanup drive…will see you lot on Monday. Be good…or not..until then!


August 22, 2008

I was feeling very sick the entire day, and in the evening I was overcome (that’s the only word to describe the craving that came over me…overcame me!) by a longing for chocolate, so I went and got a bar from the friendly neighbourhood calorie store.

Having done that, I put half the bar down and decided I would have it only as an after-dinner treat; so I put it down and went off to see a play (Common Man, by Yours Truly theatre, the improvisation by the cast was excellent, though I have seen the play earlier, too). I resolutely did NOT look at it before dinner.

But now….ah…I sat down here, and it’s such a warm, inviting smell. I savour the aroma deeply. Bangalore is cool enough that when I pick it up with my fingers, the bar doesn’t go gooey all over them, and force me to eat it immediately. I can nibble the edges and feel the deliciousness of the chocolate in my mouth. I am afraid, glutton that I am, that my being is concentrated in my mouth and taste buds for a few seconds. The chocolate quite literally melts in the mouth (and this is the common-or-garden chocolate by Cadbury’s, not any gourmet stuff.) I know that it’s going to grin at me from various points on my body when I look in the mirror in a few days, but I care not a whit.

I am not fond of white chocolate, and would prefer dark chocolate, but today, any chocolate would do…and did. No woman wailed for her demon lover with the determination that I went off with, to buy that single bar!

I love chocolate from Cadbury’s to Godiva to those fancy liqueur-filled chocs; I would be hard put to decide if I liked Ferrero Rocher better than Tobler One; I would probably ask for several samples of each to help me decide….

And a strange thing…I love having chocolate with sips of water in between, I can never figure out why. I will drink more than half a litre of water with the amount of chocolate in this pic.

I still remember with regret that we were driving from the US into Canada, and at the duty-free I saw a large bottle of Cadbury’s chocolate liqueur. I was persuaded to buy it on the way back..and that never happened, becuase the bottle was gone when we returned a few days later.

Oooh…chocolate…when I die, I hope that if I have a tombstone, instead of being inscribed as the late Deponti, I will be entered as the choco-late Deponti….

beast666…this post is dedicated to you!

No longer worth their while…

August 22, 2008

Hi deponti, ¿Español?

Thank you for your participation as an Evoca Express FREE member, empowering your voice! Effective today we have changed the FREE member trial period from an open-ended time period to a maximum of 30 days. Your FREE member account will be kept open for the next 30 days and we encourage you to upgrade to an Evoca Express PRO account. We are offering new pricing for an Evoca Express PRO member account (originally $60/year): 180 minutes (3 hours) of recording storage time for only $29.95/year. As a PRO member you can purchase an unlimited number of additional “buckets” of 180 minutes for only $9.95/year! To upgrade to a PRO account please click here or paste this link in your browser (

As a PRO member you can acquire a dedicated Virtual Voicemail number to enable anyone (your customers, employees, students, friends, or relatives) to record directly to your Evoca Express member account. The recordings appear instantly (and as private recordings) right inside your Evoca account. If you’re collecting customer testimonials, for example, you can make them public any time. Be sure to explore the other Evoca features such as ordering a transcription) is just an easy “click to purchase” right online. And you can record using Skype — especially useful for recording conference calls and interviews.

So upgrade today to an Evoca Express PRO member account.We have to say: if you do not choose to upgrade, we have to close your account and delete your recordings 30 days from today’s date.


I hardly use this, anyway,because there are so many gaps when I try to record nowadays with my internet connection…. so…bye bye Evoca!

Enjoyed this very much

August 21, 2008

I don’t know where mamtanaidu found this, but…

Loved it.

Art in Unlikely Places

August 21, 2008

I went to oversee the construction of a flat for someone I know, and the central ventilation shaft was being cemented. And on the rough cement, I found that someone had expressed hesself:

The peacock is really nice, and very appealing, but the next wall completely defeated me:

What animals are those? The animal in front is engaged in producing bio-waste, as it is delicately referred to; but why on earth is it being so carefully collected in a bowl? I could understand if it were a bird like a goose or a hen, the eggs would be valuable…but this by-product? Perhaps it is a cow, and the dung will later be patted on the wall and dried to make fuel…but those animals certainly do not look like any cows that I have ever seen, with those rabbit-like ears or the pig-like body…. so, as I said, I am still at a loss!

And on that note….Happy Birthday to mohanvee…he has a most interesting LJ, go visit it!