Why not the larger picture?

I had a long conversation with my daughter about blogging…and I was trying to articulate why I don’t blog about politics, and major events…and I think that the reason is, whatever it is that I want to say, I find, is said, MUCH better and in far more effective fashion, by others who are far more articulate than I am.

For example, on Friday, the day I left for Hyderabad, there were a couple of major explosions and a series of less intense ones, in my city; they left two dead and several injured, and a city which seemed to wonder if it should go into a state of high panic, or carry on like Mumbai did.

I admire the way Bangalore HAS carried on, but am not so sure I am happy with the way we don’t seem to be actively able to pin down or suppress terrorism in our city, and that terrorists seem to be able to strike at will, when and where they want to.

But all this has been analysed far better than I ever could; paragraphs have been written about it… this, for example …so what more can I, with my limited exposure, add to the analysis that would also add value? Nothing. All I can write is of my experience as we went to the station after the blasts…who would be interested in that? Meanwhile, my concern is for the families whose lives have been affected by the blasts, and how the tenor of their existence has changed irrevocably. I read that the husband of the lady who died in the Madivala explosion had just gone to the hospital and had been asked to get admitted; he and his wife were on their way home to get more money when the unimaginable, random tragedy happened, and he is still in NIMHANS, recovering from the shock. To me, the “face” of terrorism is the face of the bandaged man, lying on a hospital bed. I see the smaller details rather than the big scenario.

The same with politics…I do hate politics and horse-trading, and those who indulge in it, so why on earth write negative posts about these people and they way they hijack my country, and oppress the people, to serve their private ends? Unless I am willing to stand for election and change the system, what’s the point of just cribbing?

In the small ways that I feel I *can* protest or do something to ensure change,yes, I do take action. But…the larger picture is not for me…there are others who are better at it.

But..not writing about something is not the same as not thinking about it.

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