Been doing some work….

I conducted my first two “celebrity” interviews….first, Lillette Dubey and then, yesterday evening, Girish Karnad .

Both of them are very articulate people, and having organized my questions well, I got quite a lot of info about them, for two articles….one, I thought would be a kind of “reminder” post for Metblogs, as I had put in an announcement of Karnad’s new play, “The Wedding Album” (ha, that’s not on the Net yet; when I googled the words, this is all I got!), which is being staged in Bangalore today and tomorrow.

But then, I decided that the article merited an appearance in a more “serious” forum, and today, Citizen Matters is running it as a curtain raiser, and I have provided a link to it on Metblogs,


It contains the link to the Citizen Matters article, too…only, for some reason, CM has used the word “screening” and not “staging” for a play!

I’ll be going to see the play tomorrow….and I think I am going to enjoy it!

A more broad-based (don’t ask, “which broad?”) article, dealing with their thoughts on Bangalore and theatre in Bangalore, is in the process of being written…and will appear in Citizen Matters, too.”

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