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Sometimes they miss the smile….

March 24, 2008

When people are very immersed in their subject, sometimes the humour of it escapes them. Here’s an email I got on a mailing list that I belong to:

Dear xxx

The cat was spotted on a garden plant of Mussanda at the
rest house in Miao,Arunachal Pradesh

The “cat” in question is actually a caterpillar…but the mention of a cat from a place called Miao set me laughing when the mail was quite a serious one! :)))

I never knew that there WAS a place called Miao…I can just imagine myself going to the travel agent, and him saying, “Where do you want to go?” and I reply “Miao”, and he says, “When you finish your animal impersonations, will you tell me where you want to go?”….


Milad-un-Nabi, Good Friday, and Holi….

March 21, 2008

I am afraid that decades of life have not been able to take away my somewhat simplistic view of religions and co-existence…

Would like your thoughts on this!

Honest Ad, like the Honest Ed who sells cars in the US….

March 20, 2008

Been working feverishly to post pics to Flickr, check on friends’ blogs (haven’t got past LJ to Blogger posts yet!) and deal with all the other stuff that has to be done, while I have the internet connection up and running…

It is very irritating not to know just WHAT is wrong, and whether the problem will recur at any time (it could….) it could be BSNL, it could be my modem, it could be interference (latest diagnosis from Chandan ) from a newly-bought-by-neighbour-mobile-phone….or of course, Internet Explorer and Outlook Express are NOT the greatest pieces of software…

That’s why this lovely, unintentionally honest ad by Microsoft caught my eye today.

microsoft turkey time mag 7 jan 08

That was in the 7th Jan (Putin is Person of the Year) issue of Time Magazine.

Microsoft IS a turkey, and they’re not chicken enough to hide the fact! 🙂

Images from Lalbagh….. on the Ides of March!

March 20, 2008

We went to Lalbagh a few days ago, and enjoyed ourselves very much….

Karthik tells me this is the Flacourtia flower; every March, it is paradise for the bees:

flower and bee lalbagh 150308

Sometimes they feast, three at a time!

three at a time....lalbagh 150308

Here’s the fresh offshoot on a cactus:

cactus lalbagh 150308 vittal pallavi anush

lots of photos of all kinds here

Article on the JLRNTP….

March 20, 2008

*THEY* choose the titles, I don’t…!

Glow Worms….

March 20, 2008

I have been having a really rotten internet connection and have not been able to post about the varied and wonderful sightings we had at the Biligiri Ranganna Hills property of Jungle Lodges and Resorts…but while I can, let me make a quick post about a short outing I had yesterday….it turned out to be a mini NTP outing!

Karthik had mentioned that he had been seeing “> glow-worms in a park near his home. Each year, for a few days around this time, he has been seeing the glow-worms in his own garden; but this year, he didn’t find them there, but in the park where he goes for his evening walk.

Since I was interested, I called up Pallavi, Vittal , and anushsh. Vittal brought along his wife Santrupti and son Adu (dare I call him very cute?!) and we all trooped off to Karthik’s place where he gave us delicious Darjeeling tea, and we then walked (risking life and limb in the traffic, may I add) to the Nanda Road park.

several grainy, not-good, but documentation pics of glow-worms if you click here

Poetry On A Truck

March 16, 2008

There ARE some advantages to being caught in inch-by-inch traffic. You wouldn’t think so, would you? Well, here’s one:

You can look at the vehicles surrounding you with great attention, because they are moving along with you for long stretches of time.

Today we went on a trip to Tumkur , a town that’s about 2 hours’ drive from Bangalore.

I could not get photographs of: 1. A lorry which said, All India Fright Transporters.

and 2. Another which said, MGR is God.

But..I did get the message on the back of this lorry:

jane wale tere khuda hafiz lorry tumkur road 150308

jAnEy wAlEy, thErA khudA hAfiz

That means, Passerby, may God keep you safe.

And then I noticed something scribbled on the left-hand side of that message, and when we were close enough, I took this snap:

poetry on the back of the truck 150308 trip to Tumkur

Here’s what the lines say, in Hindi:

ham chalthEy hain, chamchEy jalthEy hain
yeh gAdee naheen mohabbath kA phool hai
kaun kehtA ki Dilli Bangalore sEy dhoor hai

A rough translation:

We go on, the sycophants burn with envy
This is not a vehicle, but a flower of love
Who says that Delhi is far from Bangalore?


kabhee Athee hai, kabhee jAthee hai
thadapthA cchOd jAthee hai
lagAkar Ag seenEy mein
bujhAnA bhool jAthee hai

which means, roughly…

Sometimes she comes, sometimes she goes,
She leaves me twitching with agony
After setting a fire in my heart
She forgets to put it out

The spelling is not the best, nor the calligraphy…but the lines are so elegant….!

Got my ertia…

March 14, 2008

Immediately I made my last post, I went and got my swimsuit and OFFIWENT. And frankly, when I stepped into the pre-swim shower, AND when I stepped into the pool, I regretted it. I think my eerie water-is-too-COLD cry could be heard in all the flats in my apartment building and mothers are still probably comforting their trembling toddlers. There was a fair wind blowing today, too, and it was cooler than it usually is at this time of year…… and it felt, for the first 5 or 6 laps, as if someone had filled up the pool with the contents of their just-melted ice trays. Well, I didn’t actually see polar bears or the march of the penguins, but you get the…drift?

But I stuck to it, did my usual 30 laps (it’s a little pool…call it a poolette, or a pooling) that’s about…perhaps those 30 laps are equal to 15 full-size pool laps, maybe 20…wish it’s the latter! Must find out the dimensions of our poolette…) and felt cold…in fact, for a little while, I had a complexion of a delicate and intriguing shade of blue… but was warmed by the feeling that YES… I did it! (as Higgins says in My Fair Lady).

I do love the great fresh feeling swimming gives, and also the fact that I keep my dinner all ready on the table, and come back and tuck in guiltlessly!

Thank you for the nudge, inspirethoughts!

Go to Google Earth. Go to Bangalore. Go to Casa Ansal Apartments…and that little dot going up and down, up and down, up and down….is ME!! :))))

Tra-la, off to Lalbagh tomorrow morning…

I wish…

March 14, 2008

I wish I had more ertia.

I know I should start my evening swimming, but inertia has me in its grip, and I am looking for a fresh excuse every day…!

Give me a nice nudge you lot. Get me out of the lazeeeee mode! Tell me why I should start swimming NOW instead of “tomorrow” or “Next week”…

The Ramnagara Post

March 14, 2008

Some of us had been to Ramnagara last year, but after that, senior birders were concerned about the disturbance to the LONG-BILLED VULTURES, so birders have stopped going there now. But I think, after seeing amoghavarsha‘s post today, enough time has elapsed that I can post my bird photographs on my own blog at least…..

Here’s my usual sunrise photo:

sunrise in ramnagara 021207

Ramnagara is a beautiful place, and I have posted about the beauty of the Ramagiri temple there at

Let me show you this lovely scene…I call that centre rock the “Eternal Triangle”!

beautiful scenery at ramnagara

There is an old ruined structure on the lower part of the sheet rock; it might have been a temple at one time, I don’t know, but it looks picturesque:

ruined temple at ramnagara

Some more of my pics of the Ramagiri Temple area are at

A really beautiful, scenic spot!

You can see some raptors if you click here