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Wildlife Resorts in general, and Kanha in particular, during the holiday season…

December 27, 2007

Kanha National Park is a fantastic place, which supports a very wide variety of wildlife apart from the TIGER and the BARASINGHA that it’s famous for.

Kanha National Park sign

Here’s the Kanha gate….

kanha gate sign 221207

Now for my whinge….

The problem with going to a wildlife resort in the holidays are manifold and it’s getting even more difficult as the authorities resort to various measures to regulate the crowd, and yet allow visitors access.



Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminal…Railways!

December 20, 2007

A *huge* rally in Mumbai ensured that we could not make our second visit of the day, and had to take a taxi to the railway station that was earlier called “Victoria Terminus”, with 3 hours to spare for our train to Nagpur.

The station building is so exquisitely beautiful…pics will follow. (Right now, a Reliance card means a very slow connection.)

A/c passengers are given a LARGE airconditioned waiting room on the first floor, with comfortable couches, clean toilets, a bathroom with a working geyser, a flat-screen TV, and plenty of plugpoints too.

I am VERY impressed.

Off now to catch the I know why it is called LUG-gage….sigh!

Transport Smorgasbord….

December 18, 2007

Took a flight to Pune today…taking a bus to Mumbai tomorrow…the day after, an overnight train to Nagpur..then a van or a car to Kanha…will we return by train or bullock cart? Watch this space!

And all of you who celebrate the coming into our world of a wonderful Child…Merry Christmas! And to those of you who don’t…Happy Holidays!

Am staying with a friend in whose fourth-floor window plants, several spotted munias, and two red-whiskered bulbuls, had nested this year…the photos are SO nice! My friend herself is JUST the kind of person in whose home all these birds would feel welcome and secure…she reminds me of asakiyume in this respect, that SHE respects Nature a lot and enjoys it, in spite of a busy life.

Bye for a week, all of you…be good, or not, as your bent dictates…!

From Arpita Joshi ESG

December 17, 2007

Words are things; and a small drop of ink
Falling like dew upon a thought,
produces that which makes thousands,
perhaps millions, think.
~ Lord Byron, poet (1788-1824)

Another all-purpose warning…

December 17, 2007

I had posted about this lovely all-purpose commandment some time ago…

Yesterday, on the hill road leading to Galibore, I found another GW (General Warning):

you are warned galibore 161207 S3

I can just imagine a carload of visitors seeing this and falling silent, as each one of them starts worrying about the sins committed…the driver, for example, fretting about running that last red light, the little boy in the back seat about that chocolate he took from his classmate…

Wonder why this was put up, it wasn’t one of the religious evangelical things, because it was part of a series of stone-engraved signs about hairpin bends and other road conditions.

Galibore and Kanakapura Road

December 17, 2007

Let me start with a nice picture of a RIVER TERN on the Kaveri…

river tern on kaveri galibore 161207

We took our huntin’ friend to Galibore to check out the angling, rather than take him to Bheemeshwari. We hadn’t seen the JLR property there, and the last few kilometers would be through the scrub jungle of the Kaveri valley. Unfortunately, I don’t think, overall, he was very happy with the trip. He is petrified of eating anything outside, having been warned by eveeryone…and definitely not open to new experiences the way some of our other American visitors have been. He really starved through the day!

I think it’s a basic difference between tourists and business visitors; the first lot are here by choice, so they are willing to experiment with food and travel. But the business visitors are here for work, and they may not be keen on new experiences.

But KM and I managed to have a really lovely day. The Kanakapura Road is still really picturesque, and the Kaveri valley very beautiful….

for more pictures and the tale, click here

Scene at a scrap iron shop…

December 17, 2007

On our way back from Galibore, this young woman caught my eye…

scene at a scrap iron shop galibore S3

She has, I think, all her worldly possessions strapped on and hung from her head….and what the picture doesn’t show is that she also had an infant in her arms. This was a shop selling scrap iron, and since we had stopped there, I was able to look on for a while. I was also given an object lesson in the inaccuracy of assumptions…

At first sight, the people looked very poor…until the in the shop (striped shirt)whipped out a calculator and started doing some work on it…and then, as I watched, another man gave this lady back a folding umbrella that she had obviously brought in for repair. Together they tested the way the umbrella opened and closed. Then I also realized that the lady had footwear on, and that made her, immediately, much better off than many others. I loved the stylish headgar the man on the right has made of his towel..he looks like a pasha of Baghdad.

A fascinating slice of life that I watched for a couple of minutes..!

Road Inspection, and Theatre…

December 16, 2007

As part of the ongoing struggle to prevent our esteemed government from razing trees to make broader roads, four of us went down Kasturba Road, that abuts Cubbon Park, today. It was a wonderful walk in one sense, because starting from the Karunashraya at the corner,

Karunashraya,Kasturba Road 151207

for some more pictures of Kasturba Road, click here

Numerology…and Air Barek

December 14, 2007

I have yet to see a “numerology specialist” (er, perhaps, Dr Jeyashankar who has a doctorate from the US) who will say, “this name is perfectly OK, go ahead.” No. Numerology mandates that several extra letters be added (why is it that deleting some letters is never given as a solution? Do numerologists work in close collusion with signboard painters, and makers of plastic, brass and neon letters?)

what numerology can do...

Even a word like “Renaissance” which has enough vowels and consonants MUST be pumped up…this is a new hotel which has come up near KM’s small-scale unit in Hosur.

Two a’s instead of one, two n’s instead of one, OK, those two s’s belong there, and then, again, two c’s instead of one…! Why have “The” and “Grand” been spared? I wonder!

And hardly had I snapped that, when this truck passed by…

air barek 131207

If you don’t check your Air Bareks regularly, you cannot stop suddenly in emergency situations…

Songs the letters sing…

December 13, 2007

No matter how politely couched, no matter how much masked, I think that the emotions that underlie any communication in writing cannot be mistaken. As much as positive emotions like love and happiness, negative emotions such as irritation, disgust, anger or hatred show through the text, and make themselves very clear. The actual words may not give offense, but the tone of the whole text can certainly do so.

It IS good to keep to the decencies of debate, and attack the argument, not the person making it…but whether the text shouts abuses or maintains a frigid politeness, the anger underlying what is written comes across clearly. Words can sing…or they can buzz like approaching bees, carrying their painful stings.

I think that when one writes, the face is visible through the mask…