I spent the morning rapt in a magnificient animal….

I saw the photograph yesterday, and the image stayed with me…by this morning, I knew that whatever else I did, or didn’t do,today, I just simply HAD to sit down and sketch …

leopard sketch 301007

At last, it is out of my system….that itch to bring out through my fingers and my pencil, what had captivated me.

Art…any form of it…is a demanding mistress. Today I had people coming to repair: a)the geyser container; b) the handle on the double-glazed window-frames; c) a leaking cistern….the workmen must have thought me crazy as I would nod at them and return to my desk in a most pre-occupied fashion!

For those of you who are interested, my tiger sketch is at


That sketch is much lighter than this…I should darken it, I suppose…

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