Kochi Visit 260807

The quality of the light during the monsoons is really magical..and more so when it is raining at dusk.

I enjoyed the evening so much, doing nothing but sitting at the edge of the backwaters, watching the ships.steamers,tankers and fishing boats go past,and enjoying the light…

Sunset 260807 Kochi Taj Malabar buoy and chinese fishing nets

On the right-hand-side of the photo, you can see the famous Chinese fishing nets of Kochi…they are still used, not just a touristy attraction! They always make a beautiful Japanese-style picture…

The lights twinkled on in the passing ships, and reflected in the choppy water…

ship moving into harbour at dusk kochi 260807

Making a living in the rain is hard.

Fishermen in the Rain Kochi Harbour 260807

chinese fishing nets kochi kerala 260807

And of course, when I went back into the hotel (took the lift this time!) I couldn’t resist that age-old photographer-trap, the self-photo!

Me 260807 Taj Malabar lift Kochi

Sorry, aaskie!! You can skip…

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