Sainath,Nandi Hills and the monsoon

I know I should write about the superb day we had at Nandi Hills; but a Saturday evening lassitude sits heavy upon me…we had a great morning today, too, as sainath came over at 7.30 in the morning..he was supposed to spend half an hour showing KM his snaps, and then go for b’fast with his friends…we finally went with him at 9.30 for b’fast, and then came back and he finally left at about 11.30 after his worried parents reminded him that he had a flight to catch to Delhi! It was such fun to see KM and him talking Camerese (and I have actually started understanding some of the polysyllabic words)…KM is now a staunch Sainath fan, too!

Well…here’s the monsoon breaking over Bangalore, as we saw it from Nandi Hills….it’s truly a sight for sore eyes, parched by the summer…

View of monsoon showers from Nandi Hills

Look at the colour of those clouds..that’s the colour, of fertility and freshness, that Vishnu is supposed to be! When the grey of the clouds is almost bluish, it’s called Neelamegha…

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