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Incredible video

May 24, 2007

The thing to do is to think, “I have nothing worth posting”. Immediately, something like this will come along…

It took a loooong time to load on my computer, but I was riveted as I watched…would you say that baby buffalo is incredibly unlucky, or incredibly lucky?

The Rain…

May 24, 2007

I had not had a single thought worth posting today..but then, the rain began.

It started with a sudden drop in the ambient temperature; the clouds gathered; I knew that the rain was impending, but didn’t know if it would be a passing shower, a city-paralyzing lashing like we received yesterday, or a steady downpour.

Turns out it’s the latter. It’s raining steadily..and here’s summer, as depicted by the Gul Mohar blooms, and its end, depicted in the wet road and the wet people:

Rain May 24 07 one

The dust was gone in an instant and everything was cool and green. Here, the summer is in the mangoes on the tree and the end of it is the shine on the leaves…

Rain May 24 07 two

more rain pics, click here

Just to wish…

May 23, 2007

I never remember anyone’s birthdays in time but today I did…happy birthday to premkudva!

Yakshagana at Ragigudda Temple

May 23, 2007

Here’s the post at Metblogs, on this traditonal folk theatre form:

We enjoy all these performances; some are also held during Navaratri at Jayanagar 9th Block.

Meanwhile, yesterday at Jayanagar 9th Block….

May 23, 2007

If it’s not an audio shop, why has it been temorarily temroraily temrorraly whatever…. shifted to “hear”?

Temorraly Shifted to Hear

I suppose I will have to contact Uday Kumar to find out…!

Paruppu Thengaai

May 22, 2007

This is one part of a south Indian (well, yes, TamBram..) wedding that I have never been able to get any satisfactory explanations for.

At every wedding, two conical structures called “Paruppu Thengai” (phonetically, paruppu thEngAy) are put on display. These are metal cones which are stuffed up with different types of sweet items…manOharam or sweet thEnkuzhal, or boonthi lAdoo…or even peanut candy…nowadays, they are well-decorated too, instead of the old simple gold-paper with flower-strands wound around the top. It is put on the stage by the bride’s family and traditionally the contents are broken up by the groom’s family and distributed and eaten. The metal cases in which these sweets are made is called “Paruppu Thengai Koodu.”

Here is one set of Paruppu Thengai from the same wedding where the Marapaachi dolls were displayed:

Paruppu thEngAi...

Here the conical Paruppu Thengai seems to form part of a set, along with a kalasham (a kalasham was a brass or mud pot filled with auspicious things like rice and lentils, with mango leaves at its mouth on which is set a coconut, and used to represent a god or a goddess during the pooja…here that too is stylized; you can see the “coconut” sitting on top of the pointy “mango leaves”), a plate and a little box (a jewellery box?)…everything is beautifully decorated with mirror work and set on a mirror-work tray.

I still cannot understand how the custom of Paruppu Thengai came about, and what the significance of the conical shape is. Still looking for enlightenment…

I do know that in the days of the fat Tamil movie heroines who had very pointed bosoms apparently growing right from their shoulder blades, we used to wink and refer to bras as Paruppu Thengai Koodus…

JLR Naturalists’ Training Program

May 21, 2007

Here’s my report about the Program on Metblogs:

As I didn’t “take” the course this time, I only talked about the things that can be seen and appreciated, and what the content of the Program is.

Orange and Black…

May 21, 2007

Trying to take photographs while going in the JLR van for the herbivore/bear/big cats safari is a real challenge. There is a huge grille attached to the outside of the windows, at an odd distance of a few inches away from them. The sliding glasses in each window ensure that either the person in front of you, OR you, can get the camera out…but not both. The glasses are quite smeared up and practically translucent. And the van rattles about on the uneven paths, jolting us, and our cameras, around.

Tiger….er…bear all this mind when you see the photographs and don’t click your tongue at the not-quite-in-focus stuff

Here’s my favourite pic of that day…

T, T, Burning Bright...

As we were clicking at the three sleeping tigers that I posted earlier, Sachin Nayak…er…spotted a spotted owlet; when I turned the camera that way, I was struck by the fact that a “face” with two “eyes” and a “mouth” was what I was looking at…can you see it in the snap below? The spotted owlet is sitting in the “mouth”:

two 'eyes" and a "mouth"....

For some more pics of the NT Program, wait for my Metblogs post!

“Who’s that?”

May 19, 2007

T1 to T2 and T3, as our van approaches on the safari:

“What do you think that noise is?
I seem to hear some voices.”


“What else, one of those mobile tins of meat…
Metal covered food on wheels… that we’re not supposed to eat.
Such noisy meat and the tin too…do you really suppose
That I want to open my eyes to see some of those?”


“Will you two shut up…you go yap, yap, yap…
Let’s get on with our afternoon nap!
If tourists want some tigers on the prowl,
Tigers that will roar and fearsomely growl,
Let them go to B R Hills or to Bandipur–
They’ll get no ferocity on the Bannerghatta tour!”

Three in One 19 May 07 Bannerghatta Nat'l Park JLR

Yes, yes, I know I am very sleepy, but I couldn’t resist posting that..!

JLRNTP…and Vyshnavi

May 19, 2007

Today I went to attend one session of the ongoing Naturalists’ Training Program that is being run by Jungle Lodges and Resorts…or rather, by its Chief Naturalist, S.Karthikeyan or Karthik, about whom I have written a lot on LJ!

I spent a wonderful afternoon at the Bannerghatta National Park, where JLR has a property thankfully far away from the tourist crowd who come to visit the enclosed Safari Park…but we still went on the herbivore/bear/big cats safari like the tourists do…

I met a great set of people, some of whom actually read my LJ…!

Of course, it is late at night now, and I will have to post my photos to Flickr before I can describe the sights, sounds and scenes from the wasps’ nest being built to the wonder of a shikra swooping literally overhead as I went home…but just as an appetiser, here’s a picture everyone except hardcore naturalists will like:

Bannerghatta,JLRNTP-1, 19 May 07

Naturalists cannot count the tigers, lions, and leopards at the Bannerghatta National Park as “wild” at all…these animals are so used to people going past in the safari vans they might almost be called semi-domesticated. But the fact is that they will never be entirely used to humans and will only tolerate them at best…. as was proved by a ghastly incident some years ago when a girl was pulled from a van (which had no grilles then) and killed and dragged away into the undergrowth.

We had a little tourist in our van who, after seeing several tigers (including an albino) lisped to his parents, “Awright we saw tigers…where’s LION?” One day his parents will have to tell him that in the wild he will not find them together! ;-))

After I came home, and got rid of the day’s heat and dust with a glorious swim….vyshnavi came over. Welcome, Vyshavi and hopefully, with you, ti22 and several others of your gang, too!

Will post pictures and an account of the NT Program in a day or two..