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another Gem by Nida Fazli
main roya parades men bheega maa ka pyaar
dukh ne dukh se baat ki bin chiThThi bin taar

I cried in a foreign country and my mother’s loving eyes became moist
Misery talked to misery without letters or telegraph

chota karake dekhiye jeevan kaa vistaar
aankhon bhar aakaash hai baahon bhar sansaar

Try and abridge the vastness of life
The sky is in the eyes, the world is in the hands

leke tan ke naap ko ghoome basti gaanv
har chaadar ke gher se baahar nikale paanv

Measured the body, went around the villages..
But the feet stuck out of every blanket

sabaki pooja ek si alag-alag har riit
masjid jaaye maulvi koyal gaaye giit

Worship is the same, rituals are different
The maulvi visits the mosque, the nightingale sings a song

pooja ghar men moorti meera ke sang shyaam
jisaki jitani chaakari utane usake daam

In the pooja room is the figurine of Meera with Krishna
One’s value increases with one’s company

saaton din bhagavaan ke kyaa mangal kyaa peer
jis din soe der tak bhooka rahe fakir

All the seven days are God’s..why any day in particular?
Any day that he sleeps late, the mendicant remains hungry

achchhi sangat baiThakar sangi badale roop
jaise milakar aam se miithi ho gai dhoop

With good company, companions themselves change
The way the sunshine turns into sweetness when the mango ripens in it

sapna jharna neend ka jagii aankhen pyaas
paanaa khonaa khojanaa sanson ka itihaas

Slept and dreamt of the waterfall, woke up thirsty…
Attaining, losing, seraching…this is the history of every breath

chaahe geeta vaachiye ya padhiye quraan
mera tera pyaar hi har pustak ka Gyaan

One can read the Gita or the Quran
Every book talks only about love between you and me

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