Purple Swamphens/Moorhens

Some of the common birds are also the most colourful…here is the Purple Moorhen, also called the Purple Swamphen , a frequent sight amongst the waterbodies in and around Bangalore:

Purple Swamphen

We saw a lot of these birds when I took some of my friends on the Lalbagh walk. They walk around on the lily pads for all the world as it that was a stable footpath…but even for them, the pads do sometimes flip up:

Purple Swamphen walking on Lily Pads

Here you see a swamphen feeding on the lily stems..see how it uses its feet cleverly:

Purple Swamphen feeding

And invariably, arguments erupt as to who should get what…that’s the way of the world! Here’s a colourful fight going on, with the birds attacking beak and claw!

Purple Swamphens fighting, Lalbagh Lake, 19 Mar 07

Want to come on the Lalbagh walk with me, now that you have seen these common, yet lovely birds?


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