The Wolf Spider and its Nest: the real websites


I have been having problems uploading the pictures from the bird survey at BR Hills…but I saw so much else that was also fascinating…so here’s my photo essay on the nest of the Wolf Spider.

The Wolf Spider makes a large web with a deep tunnel in it, where it rests, waiting for someone to “walk into its parlour” as the poem has it. Here’s what the nest looks like:

IMG_0044 Wolf spider's nest

Heres’ a close-up. The nests were looking extra wonderful with the raindrops glittering on the strands of silk. There were many of them around.

IMG_0090 wolf spider's nest and the raindrops

If you look carefully, you can see the spider sitting inside the tunnel.

IMG_0091 Wolf spider's nest close up

Now, here’s the spider, outside:

IMG_0096 Bejewelled death trap

And at the entrance to the tunnel:

IMG_0089 Wolf spider outside the nest

And here’s amoghavarsha‘s Nikon D80 with the macro lens, with the image of the nest ( I love this “image-of-image” stuff!) Amogh was also taking snaps, but these snaps are by me…..

IMG_0045 Photo of the wolf spider's nest

Well…that’s the Wolf Spider and its Tunnel of Death (or Dinner, according to one’s point of view!)

Arachnophile sunson….this post’s for you! And if I think of “Arachnis” or “silk threads”, then this post is for udhay, too!



2 Responses to “The Wolf Spider and its Nest: the real websites”

  1. mamtavn Says:

    you have moved to wordpress! Didn’t know these were called wolf spiders. Saw quite a few of these in Gudalur. They look mean but are quite shy, from what I observed…

    • deponti Says:

      I’ve been on WP for a long time now, Mamta! (See the date of the post)…I am on LJ and kept backing up posts on WP during the DDOS attacks…thinking of moving permanently…but I have so many friends on LJ…

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