The rest of the photos of the Kanakapura birding trip

Now that I have the id of the other birds which I was not sure of, here are some of the other  photos from the trip:

This is a Yellow-Billed Babbler; I was confused about which type of babbler it was (KM often refers to me as the Bannerghatta Road Babbler.)

IMG_0132 Yellow-billed Babbler

OK, OK, I know it isn’t crisp and nice, but “documentation” shots can get away with it….!

I posted the photo of the male Indian robin yesterday, here’s the female; she was sitting on the ground not very far from the male. We were hoping that we might get some feeding shots, but no luck, a motorcycle drove past and off they went!

IMG_0157 Female Indian Robin

We also saw several Green Bee-Eaters. It is Amoghavarsha‘s opinion that bee-eaters are the most beautiful birds, and that girls should be complimented that they are “bee-eaters” instead of the widely prevalent compliment of “bulbuls” or “mynahs”! I do love their raffish “masked bandit” look, which they share with other birds like shrikes, their colours, graceful bodies, and  lovely tails..

IMG_0172 Small green bee eater

Hey, birdonthewire….that photo was for you!

And here’s a picture of a tiny wildflower that amoghavarsha took; I was taking the pictures of the same flower  on his camera; it was a revelation to me that a fair shot of such a small-sized object could be taken with the Canon lens too, I thought a macro lens was needed. I have joined a wildflower egroup, but realize that it would be next to impossible for me to start identifying them. So this will remain a mystery wildflower (unless some kind reader id’s it for me!)

IMG_0183  A wildflower that I cannot id

We also saw some CATTLE EGRETS,  a beautiful YELLOW WAGTAIL, a JUVENILE BRAHMINY KITE, several breath-taking flights of ROSE-RINGED PARAKEETS, some of which really flew right between us, swooping as they enjoyed the evening air, some COPPERSMITH BARBETS, and of course the RUFOUS TREEPIE, the picture of which I so carelessly deleted from my CF card…and there were the usual complement of COMMON MYNAHS, HOUSE CROWS, BLACK KITES keeping us company throughout.

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