Social lubrication conversation

When I was younger I used to get very impatient with what I used to call “inane” remarks and conversations, such as this one that I hear at EVERY social function I attend:

A: “Oh, HI!!! how ARE you? SUCH a long time since we met!”

B: “HI!!! Yes, it’s been a long time…so…how’s things with you?”

A:”All well, and how are your children/parents/family/dogs?”

B:” Oh, carrying know how it is….things are SO hectic you know…”

Well, I am much more tolerant of these conversations now. I know that it allows A to desperately hunt around in hes mind for B’s name, and for B to check out A’s children/jewellery (and also possibly recollect HES name), and each to size up the other in case they really can’t stand each other, and gives them the space to make polite further conversation about either how good it was in the old days, or some vague talk about “we must meet up soon” so that they can part amicably until they meet again at the next social gathering.

….and I viscerally HATE air-kissing and social,keeping-my-saree-and-jewellery-intact hugging. Any hugging that I do is genuine,so somewhat rare. My hand-shake is also firm and deliberate and I detest the limp pieces of flesh that are sometimes put half-heartedly in my hand. And I think there are only a handful of people on earth whom I would kiss, and THAT would not be just because I am meeting them….

I am NOT a socially adept animal!

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