What justice…

Salman Khan has been finally sentenced to one year in jail (which his well-paid lawyers will appeal, of course) and –don’t miss this– fined RUPEES FIVE THOUSAND for killing an animal of an endangered species. For his killing of another species, he is yet to come to trial. But the amount of the fine…..that’s what’s hard to take.

This, after EIGHT YEARS.

I would like to know the name of the judge who handed down this horrific fine. Why not fine him ten rupees and be done with it? Why fine him at all?

The judge could also have acquitted him totally.

Salman Khan is also “alleged” to have run over some slum-dwellers in his SUV. ( I have to use the word “alleged” to avoid libel or slander or whatever.

Don’t forget, Salman Khan is a Bollywood hero….these are the people we revere like gods.

I rarely write about current events…but there are times when my blood boils onto the written page.

MAD had a wonderful cartoon strip where people are going about their work calmly in an office when all of a sudden a few deer burst in with guns and start spraying bullets, and gloat over the “fine specimen” they got at the water cooler. How I wish this would happen!

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